Jobs at Bryant Park Corporation

Public Programming Coordinator

Bryant Park Corporation and 34th Street Partnership seek a short-term, part-time coordinator to work with the Operations and Events Departments. Scheduling will be based on availability and the staffing demands of upcoming events and programs.

Interested parties should view this page for more information.

Painter in Residence

Bryant Park Corporation is currently accepting applications from artists for positions in the third annual Bryant Park Painter in Residence Program. Successful applicants will be commissioned to work outside at Bryant Park, creating representational images that will comprise a visual record of Bryant Park. Four painters will be selected.

Click here for more information about the Bryant Park Painter in Residence Program.

Bryant Park Staff

Bryant Park Corporation has several full-time positions available with varying hours.


Bryant Park Corporation is currently recruiting volunteers for Bryant Park projects. If you are interested in helping out, email your resume with short cover letter to

Did you know?

There are many activities to explore in the park, from chess and backgammon, to the carousel, to pétanque (a traditional french game using metal balls).