Bryant Park Corporation Staff

Dan Biederman – President
Jerome Barth – Vice President, Business Affairs
Kati Solomon – Deputy Director of Operations
Sara Nordmann – Operations Analyst
Amanda Wigen – Operations Associate
Brian Schliessman – Park Manager
Dick Dillon – Vice President, Security & Operations
Jim Albert – Chief of Security
Bob Ferrieri – Chief of Sanitation
Craig LaCaruba – Vice President, Capital Projects
Don Bussolini – Project Director
David Martin – Project Director
Rich DeRancy – Senior Project Manager
Julian Ferraldo – Assistant Project Manager
Maureen Hackett – Director of Horticulture
Amadou Thiam – Assistant Director of Horticulture
Dan Pisark – Vice President, Retail Services
Paul Romero – Director of Tourism and Visitor Services
Quentin Robbins – Deputy Director of Tourism and Visitor Services
Nancy Ng – Manager of Visitor Services
Susie Sigel – Special Projects
Tricia Lewis – Director of Digital Media
Anne Kumer – Archivist
Ignacio Ciocchini – Vice President, Design
Julie Ember – Senior Urban Designer
Eric Mueller – Senior Graphic Designer
Neha Sabnis – Urban Designer
Alvin Kong – Junior Architect
Alexa Gonzalez – Junior Urban Designer
Ethan Lercher – Director of Public Events
Sarah Stutman – Director of Corporate Events & Partnerships
Alice Cashman – Associate Director of Events
Rossini Yen – Events Manager
Nina Coveney – Events Associate
Peter Ciriello – Comptroller & CFO
Inessa Kanevskaya – Deputy Controller
George Townley – Director of Information Systems
Stephen Novak – Technology Associate
Claire Austin – Administrative Assistant
Maureen Devenny – Receptionist / Research Assistant

Did you know?

As a New Yorker, none of your tax money goes to Bryant Park. The Park is entirely financed by private money: you get it for free.