Bryant Park Painters in Residence Chosen

Angelito Jusay

The 2018 Bryant Park Painter in Residence program is now in full swing. Two talented artists have been chosen, and each will work al fresco at the park for two-week intervals, adding to our ever-growing trove of visual representations of the park, its amenities, and the people who visit.

Working at the park from now through September 21 is Amanda Kavanagh. Born in Manhattan and raised in Dobbs Ferry, Ms. Kavanagh studied illustration at Syracuse University and spent most of her career as a graphic designer before returning to painting 10 years ago. She’s equally at home with oils and water colors, and her work has been exhibited in many galleries in the northeast.

Our second Painter in Residence is Timothy Wilson, who will work at the park from September 24 – October 5. An oil and sketch artist raised in rural Maine and now based in Portland, Mr. Wilson studied at the Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland and received his BFA at Rhode Island School of Design. He works largely in landscapes, with influences from 19th century giants in the genre including Johan Christian Dahl and Caspar David Friedrich. Mr. Wilson’s work has been exhibited at galleries in Los Angeles, Denver, NYC, Boston and other U.S. cities.