Accordions Around the World

Wednesday, June 28, 6:00pm–8:00pm

The Lawn

24 accordionists perform music from throughout the world at weekly accordion picnics.

Bryant Park provides picnic blankets to borrow and beer and wine are available for purchase around the Lawn.

Experience the wide range of this often overlooked and little-known instrument. Produced with Ariana’s List.

June 28 performers: Adam Matlock, Alan Morrow, Earl Accordionist, Felipe Hostins, Gennady Gutkin, Gregorio Uribe, Guillermo Vaisman, Harold Rodriguez, Ismail Butera, Ivan Filipchyk, Jody Kruskal, Julie Winterbottom, Laura Vilche, Lena and Charlie Giordano, Madeline Solomon, Matt Dallow, Mindra Sahadeo, Patty Furlong, Paul Stein, Phil Passantino, Rob Curto, Suzanne Davenport, The Wisterians, and Toni Field.

Part of the Accordions Around The World program.