Asian Cultural Symphony of the USA + Shoko Nagai's TOKALA

Friday, August 11, 7:00pm–9:15pm

Upper Terrace and Lawn

Over 60 musicians of the ​Asian Cultural Symphony of the USA perform a free concert in Bryant Park, followed by a performance by Shoko Nagai’s TOKALA.

Affiliated with the Asian Cultural Center, the Asian Cultural Symphony of the USA is composed of music professionals and lovers in the Greater New York Area. Most members of the orchestra are trained in higher education institutions of music, of which more than half of them graduated from The Julliard School. The orchestra has performed throughout the United States, including concerts at landmarks Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, New York’s City Hall, the United Nations Headquarters, and The United States Capitol.

Shoko Nagai’s TOKALA explores the ancient connection between Japan and the Middle East via the silk road where cultural exchange left an imprint that is integral to Japanese culture.

Part of the Bryant Park Picnics program.