Thursday, January 11, 12:00pm–1:00pm

Meet at the Fountain Chess + Backgammon

Test your coordination and dexterity with juggling lessons in the park. All skill levels are welcome to join in the fun. Equipment is provided.

The Bryant Park Jugglers use the park throughout the year. Find them on the 42nd Street Plaza or the Upper Terrace. They’re a friendly group and open to drop-ins, even if you catch them outside of the regular juggling lessons.

Part of the Park Tours program.

Breaking Ice: Battle of the Carmens

Thursday, January 11, 1:40pm–2:00pm

Meet at the Fountain Chess + Backgammon

Acclaimed mezzo-soprano Alicia Hall Moran performs Breaking Ice: The Battle of the Carmens, a new vocal work for an ice skating audience, featuring Ice Theatre of New York.

The twenty-minute piece draws on inspiration from Moran’s childhood as a figure skater, notions of cultural competition, and the historic 1988 Winter Olympics, when two leading figure skaters independently chose to skate to Bizet’s Carmen.

Moran sings from center-ice as the public skates around her. The performance is free and open to the public and can be heard on ice as well as on the Deck surrounding the Rink.

In order to be on the ice during the performance, please arrive at least twenty minutes before the event begins. Information about skate rentals, including costs, can be found at wintervillage.org.

The performance is presented by the PROTOTYPE: Opera/Theatre/Now Festival’s ‘Out of Bounds 2018’, a platform for new vocal performance pieces taking place in unlikely locations throughout New York.

Part of the Park Tours program.