Puppet Show with WonderSpark Puppets

Saturday, January 27, 2:00pm–3:00pm

Overlook Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park

Starring none other than the WonderSpark Puppets themselves.

Saturday, January 27th

Fox Fables- What makes you - YOU? When the fox and his precious tail are separated, he decides to try out being other animals in order to discover a new identity. Based on several Aesop’s Fables, the themes in this tale include self-identity, anti-bullying, test taking, and the five senses.

Saturday, February 3rd

The Little Red Hen- The classic story of a Hen who needs YOUR help to bake some bread! The Little Red Hen is a sensory play with lots of hands-on interaction, developed for ages 0-3. Every animal on the farm wants to eat the Hen’s bread, but no one wants to help make it. We will learn the benefits of helping out and teamwork and everyone can share and enjoy a real loaf of baked bread at the end to celebrate.

Part of the Winter Carnival program.