Bryant Park | Event Locations

Event locations in Bryant Park

Please review the following typical event spaces and determine which space works best for your event. Please keep in mind that no event can completely close the park to the public.

The Upper Terrace
Adjacent to the Bryant Park Grill and the Bryant Park Cafe, the Upper Terrace overlooks the Lawn and offers 136’ x 56’ of space with a grand staircase leading down to the lawn level. There are a series of manholes in proximity to the Upper Terrace that are rated for 200, 400, and 800 amp-3 phase connections and can be used in multiple combinations. There are two 800 amp-3 phase company switches located at the base of the Upper Terrace stairs, and also a limited number of 20-amp outlets that may be used by events. Previous events here include the Bryant Park Fall Festival, Good Morning America Summer Concert Series, the CW Up-Front Party, and Pinstripes in the Park.

The Lawn
The jewel of Bryant Park, the Lawn is well-known as a lush, green oasis hosting thousands of visitors each day. Bryant Park patrons also enjoy viewing events such as the HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival and Broadway in Bryant Park. With approximately 280' x 180' of green space, the Lawn is heavily used by the public in pleasant weather. The Lawn may be unavailable in wet weather, but the gravel surrounding the Lawn is always open. Events are not permitted to place any structures or materials on the Lawn, however, the Lawn may be used as a viewing area for your event. If you plan to have the Lawn as a part of your event, please have an alternate plan in case it is unavailable.

The Fountain Terrace
At Bryant Park's entrance on 6th Avenue and 41st Street, the Fountain Terrace is a highly trafficked and visible space. Featuring the park's unmistakable pink granite fountain, the 67' x 87' terrace has been the host of many events ranging from product launches and promotions to concerts and art installations. There are a series of manholes in proximity to the Fountain Terrace that are rated for 200, 400, and 800 amp-3 phase connections and can be used in multiple combinations. There are also a limited number of 20-amp outlets that may be used by events.

Le Carrousel
Specially created to complement the park's French classical style, Le Carrousel is an homage to both European and American traditions. Its fourteen delightful animals, replicas of classic carousel creatures, revolve to the sounds of French cabaret music. The carousel can be enjoyed by children as well as adults, and is a charming setting for children's birthday parties, corporate events, and photo/film shoots.

Southwest Porch
Located in the southwest corner of the park, the Southwest Porch is equipped with Adirondack chairs, swings, and plush cushions for the public to relax in. Visitors can order food and beverages to enjoy beneath the park's trees. With a full bar and food service, the Southwest Porch makes an ideal venue for outdoor gatherings, meetings, and parties.

Petanque Courts
Two Petanque Courts are located in the northwest corner of the park and are 80' by 30' combined. The gravel courts are used by the public to play petanque, the popular European game of boules, but are also available for parties and events.

The Chess Area
Directly south of the Petanque Courts, under the London Plane trees, is the Chess Area. This area may be used in connection with events on the Fountain Terrace.

NYPL Locations

42nd Street Entrance of New York Public Library
Events taking place inside the New York Public Library are able to extend their set-up outdoors onto the steps and side terrace at the Library's 42nd Street entrance. From white tents to red carpets, there are endless ways the entrance can be transformed to complement your indoor event.

Fifth Avenue Terrace
The library's historic facade is a lovely background for events. All events on the Fifth Avenue Terrace of the New York Public Library, however, are subject to approval by the NYPL events department. The Terrace offers approximately 15,000 square feet of space below the Library's main staircase. It has been used as a pink carpet entryway for the Sex and the City: The Movie DVD launch party, has served as the backdrop to feature films, such as, Arthur, Spider-man, 13 Going on 30, and as the location for the Target Read Across America campaign launch. There are four 20 amp outlets that may be used by events and it may be possible to arrange for a 100 amp service through the NYPL.

Winter in Bryant Park

Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park
Between October and February, Bryant Park is transformed into a winter wonderland. With over 150 holiday shops and a 17,000 square foot skating rink, the park is a wonderful setting for events. Just beside the ice rink is Public Fare, a fine-casual eatery, bar, and event space that offers a warm respite and a delicious menu for lunch and dinner every day. If you are interested in holding your event in the park during the winter months, please contact the Events Department for details about possible locations within the park.

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