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Bryant Park Presents
Accordions Around the World

"'accordion wizards' from around the planet try to impress one another and rock the park" - TimeOut New York

"No one else has hosted as diverse a range of events this summer as Bryant Park, but [Accordion Band Festival] might be the most eclectic" - Metro New York, on last year's festival

"offering accordionists an opportunity to change the stodgy image of their instrument" - The New York Times

Accordions Around the World is a weekly series that regularly features six accordionists as well as bandoneon/bayan/concertina/harmonium-players of different musical genres performing in various locations around Bryant Park. The series, produced with Ariana's List, represents many cultures and genres, offering audiences the chance to experience the often overlooked or little-known instrument.

Bryant Park Presents

Bryant Park Presents

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