Polar Perks

Earn rewards with our Winter Village loyalty program

Polar Perks, Bank of America Winter Village’s loyalty program, returns for its third year. Scan to rack up points and redeem great prizes like cold weather gear, Winter Village perks, and Bryant Park prizes.

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How To Sign Up

Joining the Polar Perks program is as easy as one, two, three!

Step One: Download the Belly app on your phone, or pick up one of the cards at the Bag Check counter in the Skating Pavilion

Step Two: Link the card to your email address to start earning points

Step Three: Start scanning! The Belly tablet is located at the Bag Check counter in the Skating Pavilion. Each scan earns you 5 points, and no purchase is necessary. You can check in once per day.

Become a frequent visitor, and see the rewards stack up. Happy scanning!

Polar Perks rewards are subject to change. Points earned at Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park between October 2017 and March 2018 expire on March 4,2018 at 11:59 EST. Visitors may scan to earn points once per day at each tablet location. Points used at Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park cannot be spent at other Belly locations. Bryant Park Corporation reserves the right to cancel, modify or suspend this program or reward redemptions at any time.


25 Points

- Small bag check

- Le Carrousel ride

- Winter Village campfire mug

75 Points

- Skate sharpening

- Skate rental

- Winter Village water bottle

250 Points

- Winter Village knit scarf

- One pair express skate passes

- Winter Village Bluetooth speaker

500 Points

- Winter Village alpaca blanket

- VIP experience at Winter Carnival

750 Points - Grand Prize

- Bryant Park bistro chair

- Winter Village sport duffel bag

*Choice of one per level

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