Curated storytime for grown-ups at the Southwest Porch

Where better to listen to stories than on the Porch? This curated series will make you laugh, cry, or cringe as adults do dramatic readings of their childhood diaries or tell a story about a song on vinyl record.

Hosted by Mortified and WAX: Stories on Vinyl. Made possible by Southwest Airlines.

Some mature content. Alcoholic beverages are for purchase from the Southwest Porch by those 21+.

Southwest Porch

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Nov. 8 – Mortified

Nov. 15 – WAX: Stories on Vinyl

(No event on Nov. 22)

Nov. 29 – WAX: Stories on Vinyl

Dec. 6 – Mortified

Dec. 13 – WAX: Stories on Vinyl

Dec. 20 – Mortified

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