Southwest Porch

Experience the good life for no cost.

Bryant Park has a new spot to relax and recharge. Southwest Porch, located near the southern end of the Fountain Terrace, offers all visitors the ambience and luxury usually available only to a few. Equipped with rockers, swings, and Adirondack chairs typical of those found at expensive hotels and resorts, Southwest Airlines® is giving all of New York an al fresco lounge to celebrate its new service to LaGuardia Airport.

Plus, stop by the Porch with your laptop, iPod, or cell phone for a different type of refueling power outlets are available to keep all of your devices going.

Bring your lunch, your book, your friend, or just yourself. Its a fantastic new way to enjoy NYs most beautiful park.

Southwest Porch

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  • Monday-Friday – 11:30am - Midnight
  • Saturday & Sunday – 11:30am - 10:00pm