Introducing the Bryant Park Activity Station

Anjelito Jusay

Programming is ramping up in Bryant Park, and as part of that effort we are pleased to introduce the Activity Station: a new twist on some of your favorite Bryant Park amenities.

The Activity Station combines three of Bryant Park’s most popular amenities – Chess, Games, and Ping Pong – and is located at the western end of the beloved Reading Room, where visitors also have free access to great literature as well as the latest newspapers and magazines.   

Visitors to the Activity Station can borrow equipment such as chess sets and board games for up to one hour, and ping pong paddles and balls for up to 30 minutes. Visitors are then free to use the equipment anywhere within park boundaries. You are required to leave a photo ID as collateral if you bring equipment outside the Reading Room space.

A Host operates the Activity Station every day from 11:30am-6:30pm, facilitating the borrowing of equipment and sanitizing all used equipment before it goes back into circulation. 

The Putting Green and Petanque areas are also open for the public, but visitors must bring their own equipment to play.  

We are excited to have these wonderful activities back in Bryant Park, and we encourage you to check them out the next time you visit.