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A popular, year-round New York City destination with lush seasonal gardens and a multitude of free activities

Management + Board

Bryant Park Corporation (BPC) is a not-for-profit, private management company founded in 1980 to renovate and operate Bryant Park in New York City. It was established by Daniel A. Biederman and Andrew Heiskell, with support from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. BPC was formed to restore historic Bryant Park, which had suffered a severe decline in conditions in the 1970s. A 15-year agreement was signed in 1988, entrusting management and improvements to BPC. The park reopened in 1992 after four years of renovation with a budget six times the level under prior city management. It is the largest effort in the nation to apply private management backed by private funding to a public park, and it has been a success with public, press, and nearby institutions. BPC shares its management team with the 34th Street Partnership. The two companies share a management philosophy.

Mission Statement

Bryant Park Corporation was founded in 1980 with a charge to reclaim Bryant Park for the people of New York City. Since then, the talent, dedication and execution of the BPC board and staff has transformed the park into the greatest public space in the world. The ongoing mission of BPC is: to create a rich and dynamic visual, cultural and intellectual outdoor experience for New Yorkers and visitors alike; to enhance the real estate values of its neighbors by continuously improving the park; to burnish the park’s status as a prime NYC tourist destination by presenting a meticulously maintained venue for free entertainment events; and to help prevent crime and disorder in the park by attracting thousands of patrons, at all hours, thus fostering a safe environment.

BPC is privately funded, and operates Bryant Park with private sector techniques and management methods. Working as agent for the City of New York, BPC provides sanitation, security services, spotless restrooms, colorful gardens, and seasonal horticultural installations for the park, and maintains a lush lawn that is open to the public. BPC also works with civic minded corporations and park patrons to offer interesting amenities, free educational programs and free high-level entertainment for people of all ages. Careful selection and management of concessionaires ensures that park visitors have access to high quality food and merchandise. As it strives to improve the park each year, BPC pays close attention to other models and constantly seeks innovations, whether from its own staff or from outside, always with an eye on the ultimate goal: presenting the perfect park to the public.

Board of Directors

Bryant Park Corporation


Michael Fuchs

Executive Director

Daniel A. Biederman


Daniel A. Biederman, Douglas Durst, Michael Fuchs, Stan Herman, Richard H. Levy, Robert Liberman, Dr. Anthony Marx, Abby Milstein, Robert Morelli, Gennaro J. Oliva, Clyde E. Rankin III, Katharine J. Rayner, Sam Rubin, Iris Weinshall

Founding Director

Frederic S. Papert

Ex Officio

Gabrielle Fialkoff and Vikki Barbero

Bryant Park Management Corporation


Clyde E. Rankin III, Michael W. McMahon, and L. Robert Lieb


Daniel A. Biederman


Adam Abramson, Abramson Brothers Inc.
Laura Belt, 58-64 West 40th Street Corp.
Daniel A. Biederman, BPMC
Harry F. Blair, Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.
Ben Brown, Brookfield Property Group
Gerry Byrne, Penske Media Corporation
Frances Delgorio, Jack Resnick & Sons, Inc.
Eben Dorros, Gabriel Kreuther
Eli Elefant, PBC USA Real Estate LLC
Ugo Fiorenzo, Campari
Preston Henske, Bain & Co.
John Herman, Movable Ink
A. Eugene Kohn, Kohn Pederson Fox Associates PC
Claes Landberg, The Bryant Park Hotel
Chris Laul, HOK
Arthur Levine, Tahari ASL
David Levy, Adams & Company Real Estate
L. Robert Lieb, Mountain Development Corp.
Gentry Lock, Stantec Consulting Services LLC
Art Lowenfish, Tishman Speyer Properties
Bill Lovejoy, Masterworks Development Co. LLC
Scott Mason, Andaz Hotel - Takenaka Corporation
Michael W. McMahon, Ivanhoe Cambridge
Marla Minns, The TJX Companies, Inc.
Robert Morelli, HSBC Bank USA
Ines Olesen, Nuveen Real Estate
Sean Porter, Dechert LLP
Clyde E, Rankin, III, Baker & McKenzie LLP
Marc Seeherman, 40th Street Tenants Corp.
Howard Slavin, Allied Partners
Greg Sutherland, Elk Management Realty Corp.
David Taylor, Savanna
Alexa Vignone, Salesforce
Scott Wachenfeld, Bank of America
Iris Weinshall, New York Public Library

Past Co-Chair

Douglas Winshall

Ex Officio

Hon. Bill de Blasio, Gale Brewer, Jonnel Doris, Scott Stringer, Vikki Barbero, Keith Powers


Dan Biederman, President


Kati Solomon, Vice President, Operations
Rachel Zurier, Director, Operations
Brian Schliessman, Park Manager
Max Wycisk, Manager, Operations
Ben Bryden, Manager, Operations and Programming
Liz Riegel, Receptionist/Office Manager/Research Assistant

Brand Partnerships and Events

Irene Vagianos, Vice President, Brand Partnerships and Events
Matt Castellan, Director, Brand Partnerships
Laura Riess, Senior Manager, Events
John Zeitoun, Manager, Brand Partnerships and Events
Dan Fishman, Director, Public Events
Rinesty Rusli, Manager, Events and Programming
Eric Mueller, Director, Graphic Design
Thomas Hamilton, Associate Director of Graphic Design
Alice Cashman, Associate Director of Events


Kevin Ward, Vice President, Security and Operations
Hugh Ross, Deputy Assistant Chief, Security

Capital Projects

Marc Boddewyn, Vice President, Capital Projects
Don Bussolini, Project Director
David Martin, Project Director
Neha Sabnis, Director, Urban Design
Rich DeRancy, Senior Project Manager
Scott Giles, Senior Electrician
Robert Crews, Senior Maintenance Technician
Angie Kim, Junior Architect


Maureen Hackett, Director, Horticulture
Amadou Thiam, Assistant Director, Horticulture


Dan Pisark, Vice President, Retail Services
Quentin Robbins, Vice President, Visitor Services
Tricia Lewis, Director, Digital Media
Nancy Ng, Director, Special Projects
Susie Sigel, Producer, Special Projects
Jason Feliciano, Manager, Visitor Services

Visitor Services

Quentin Robbins, Vice President, Visitor Services
Jason Feliciano, Manager, Visitor Services

Accounting, IT, and Administration

Peter Ciriello, CFO
Inessa Kanevskaya, Deputy Controller
Kathleen Chalmers, Accountant
Claire Austin, Executive Assistant
Tomo Nakanishi, Director, IT

Reports and financial statements

Brand Partnerships + Advertising


For street pole banner advertising inquiries, please contact events@urbanmgt.com.

Brand Partners

Bryant Park offers countless opportunities to tie your brand to unforgettable New York City experiences. The success of Bryant Park’s exciting amenities, programs, and tentpole events is linked to our ability to partner with leading brands. With 12 million annual visitors, impressive demographics, and an unsurpassed ability to leverage the park’s prime visibility and assets to express key messaging, we’re confident your brand will see a lasting impact when you partner with Bryant Park. Current and past partners include Netflix, Bank of America, the New York Times, Lululemon, Southwest Airlines, Citibank, HBO, Old Navy, Evian, Clearchannel, the Wall Street Journal, and many more.

Premier Partners

The outstanding brands that comprise Bryant Park’s Premier Partnership program are recognized as the park’s most valued partners. Premier Partners receive substantial additional benefits for their impactful contribution to Bryant Park’s continued success. These brands live in harmony with Bryant Park’s renowned amenities and iconic public programs and authentically touch the 12 million people who frequent Bryant Park each year.

Contact us

Please email our team if you have a vision you would like to see come to life in Bryant Park.

Contact Us

Bryant Park Corporation
1065 Avenue of the Americas
Suite 2400
New York, NY 10018

Phone: 212-768-4242
Fax: 212-719-3499

We are always interested in hearing your thoughts and comments about Bryant Park. If you have a comment, suggestion, question or complaint, please direct it to one of the following email addresses.

Questions + comments

If you have a question, comment or complaint about the park, please email info@bryantpark.org.


If you are from the press, and would like PR information about Bryant Park or Bryant Park Corporation, please email press@urbanmgt.com. For Winter Village press, email wintervillage@dkcnews.com.

Events information

If you would like more information about events or would like to find out how to hold an event in Bryant Park, please email events@urbanmgt.com.

Information can also be found in the Hold an Event section of this site.

Bryant Park Grill & Cafe

For information and reservations at the Bryant Park Grill, please call 212-840-6500.

Film + Photography

All film, video, and photo shoots taking place in Bryant Park require a permit.

A Bryant Park permit is required for shooting in the entire park, stairs, entrances, sidewalks surrounding the park (5th Avenue, 6th Avenue, 42nd Street, and 40th Street), and the terrace in front of the New York Public Library. Permission from the Library may be necessary if the building facade, marble steps, or lions are included in a shot.


Most shoots will be required to pay a site fee. Bryant Park receives no city money and is funded entirely by earned funds. A large part of this revenue comes from fees charged to those who wish to use park space for their own profitable, promotional, or exclusive use. All site fees are used to maintain and improve the park’s beauty and functionality.

Site fees are determined by the following criteria:

  • Type of shoot (editorial, commercial, etc.)
  • Duration of shoot
  • Crew size
  • Amount of equipment and complexity of setup
  • Location and amount of space used within the park
  • Wedding photography is free, but still requires a permit


Below are the standard guidelines for filming in Bryant Park:

  • Neither people nor equipment are allowed in the flower beds at any time
  • When the lawn or rink is closed to the public it is also closed to film and video crews
  • BPC must have advance notice of all electrical needs, generators are not allowed in the park
  • If you plan to conduct interviews of park visitors, BPC must pre-approve interview questions
  • BPC must pre-approve the script for scenes to be shot on park grounds
  • All fees, insurance certificates, city permits, and final permit application must be received before permission to film will be granted

Applying for a permit

  • Complete the application, including a site map indicating the exact location in the park where you wish to shoot
  • “Contribution” slot should be left empty, as a site fee will be determined by BPC
  • Upon receipt of your application, you will be notified of a site fee and if a certificate of insurance or damage deposit will be necessary
  • Your completed application should be emailed to: film-photo@34bp.org

Hold an Event

As the only large-scale public park in Midtown Manhattan, Bryant Park is a much sought-after location for concerts, product launches, and commercial activations. The Bryant Park Corporation (BPC), a non-profit organization, carefully considers proposals for events in the park in light of their potential to support its commitment to free cultural programming for the public.

To inquire about availability and pricing, please contact events@urbanmgt.com.

To book a private event at the Bryant Park Grill, please contact Ark Restaurants at 212- 840-6500.

Event locations

Please review the following typical event spaces and determine which space works best for your event. Please keep in mind that no event can completely close the park to the public.

The Upper Terrace
The Upper Terrace overlooks the Lawn and offers 136’ x 56’ of space with a grand staircase leading down to the lawn level.

The Lawn
The jewel of Bryant Park, the 280’ x 180’ Lawn is well-known as a lush, green oasis hosting thousands of visitors each day. Structures, equipment, and materials are not allowed on the Lawn, however, it may be used as a viewing area for your event.

The Fountain Terrace
Featuring the park’s unmistakable pink granite fountain, the 67’ x 87’ terrace by the entrance on 6th Avenue at 41st Street has been the host of many events ranging from product launches to art installations.

The 40th and 42nd Street Plazas
The park’s two 59’ x 36’ bluestone plazas serve as the main entrances to their respective streets.

42nd Street Entrance of New York Public Library
Events taking place inside the New York Public Library are able to extend their set-up outdoors onto the steps and side terrace at the Library’s 42nd Street entrance.

Fifth Avenue Terrace
All events on the Fifth Avenue Terrace are subject to approval by the New York Public LIbrary. The Terrace offers approximately 15,000 square feet of space below the Library’s main staircase.

Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park
Between October and February, Bryant Park is transformed into a winter wonderland. With over 170 holiday shops and a 17,000 square foot skating rink, the winter setting is the perfect backdrop for your event.

Submitting an event proposal

To hold an event in Bryant Park, please contact the events department at 917-438-5119 or events@urbanmgt.com.

For large-scale events, it is recommended to call or email three to six months prior to the preferred event date(s). Proposals for smaller events may be considered with one to two months of lead time.

Proposals will be reviewed as soon as possible, usually within one week.

Estimated fees cannot be given until a complete proposal has been submitted and reviewed by the Events Department.

RFPs + Job Openings

Operations Associate

The Bryant Park Corporation and 34th Street Partnership are hiring a full-time Operations Associate. The award-winning not-for-profit Business Improvement Districts share a mission to improve the quality of the commercial, physical, and public space environments in Midtown Manhattan.

This individual will be primarily responsible for coordinating free programs in both districts, including but not limited to fitness classes, concerts, and artistic workshops. Additional responsibilities may include conducting field inspections of streetscape assets, researching and presenting on urban planning and placemaking topics, and liaising with city agencies. This individual will also project manage the profitable Bryant Park Shop, including merchandise product development, running an online and physical store, and ownership of p&l, with a potential to develop into staff management and training. Responsibilities within the company will be added to this position if the individual demonstrates initiative, growth, and proficiency in their tasks.

The Operations Associate reports to the Vice President of Operations. Office hours are typically 9am – 5:30pm, Monday - Friday. Although they will report to the executive office of BPC/34SP, this position involves a significant amount of outdoor work and candidates should be comfortable operating in a variety of weather conditions. Due to the nature of managing events and a public space, candidates should also be willing to work on nights and weekends.

Due to the nature of managing events and a public space, candidates should also be willing to work on nights and weekends. This job is fully in-person, with no option for remote work. An ideal candidate would have a demonstrated interest in urban affairs, public spaces, economic development, and/or real estate.


  • Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in a relevant course of study
  • Outgoing, mature, and assertive, with a “no job too small” attitude
  • Willingness, desire, and ability to drive programs from concept through execution
  • Ability to multi-task and work with several people at the same time
  • Excellent written, interpersonal, and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent budget and analytical skills
  • Responsible and detail-oriented with excellent observation skills
  • Availability and willingness to work evenings and weekends
  • Strong proficiency with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook).
  • Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) is desirable but not required

How to Apply:

To apply, please email your resume and cover letter to operationsjob@34bp.org with the subject line “Operations Associate.” Applications without a cover letter will not be considered. Phone calls and office visits will NOT be accepted.

Awards + Press

Since the launch of the Bryant Park Restoration Corporation in 1980, Bryant Park has consistently been credited as an innovator in the realm of public space management. As efforts to improve the park have grown, the corporation continues to receive distinction for work, winning awards and garnering mentions in some of New York’s most prominent media outlets.


Bryant Park Corporation has received various awards and honors in areas ranging from Design and Landscape Architecture to Neighborhood Development and Social Entrepreneurship. Read More


Media coverage of Bryant Park has included feature articles and highlights in The New York Times, the New York Post, The Boston Globe, New York Magazine, Crain’s, the New York Observer, the Washington Post and many others. Regional coverage has also been extensive on radio, television, and the Internet. Read More