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New York City’s Bryant Park installs 42 electrical outlets for its visitors.  Now you can relax and recharge your laptops at the same time

New York Daily News

April 12, 2012

by Sharyn Jackson and Larry Mcshane

Turn on, plug in, chill out.

Bryant Park is bringing power to the people with 42 new electrical outlets spread across its midtown expanse, offering 6 million annual guests a chance to relax and recharge their laptops at the same time.

Tourist Raechel Hazelgrove, 30, rated the new outlets as a must-see attraction – like the Empire State Building or the Bronx Zoo.

"As a visitor, I'm constantly Googling, getting maps," the London resident said. "It gives me a sense of security, running around the city, to know that you can charge your phone."

The new power grid, part of a $1.1 million upgrade, makes Bryant Park the first in the country with widespread free public electricity, said Dan Biederman, head of the Bryant Park Corp.

"We don't want people to leave because they're running out of power," Biederman said.

Parks officials said there were no plans to expand the program to other city parks.

Darragh Delany, 37, was reading "The Hunger Games" on his Kindle during his daily Bryant Park lunch hour.

"Great," he said after learning about the outlets. "Fantastic."

The finance worker was thrilled to hear he no longer had to worry about his screen going dark.

The first outlets were turned on three months ago, with all 42 getting power this month. Park guests were asked to limit their plug-in time to an hour apiece so more people could use the new amenity.

The majority of the outlets run alongside the north and south borders of the 9.6-acre park.