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BookClub Classics: The Sun Also Rises (The Library of America Corrected Text)

People sit outdoors and listen to a Reading Room Memoir Panel book event at Bryant Park in New York City.
August 9, 2022 at 3:00 pm

BookClubs on Classics, alternating with Graphic Novels, and more. 

*Free books while supply lasts

The Sun Also Rises: The Library of America Corrected Text by Ernest Hemingway

Hosted by Kelly Coyle-Crivelli, Penguin Random House 

Produced in partnership with Penguin Random House and The Library of America 


Library of America presents an authoritative new text of Hemingway’s classic novel, correcting errors, restoring key changes made to Hemingway’s original punctuation—including to the novel’s famous last line—and reinstating references to real people removed for fear of libel.

Drawn from the authoritative Library of America volume of Hemingway’s early writings, this deluxe paperback presents a new, corrected text of The Sun Also Rises prepared by a leading Hemingway scholar based on study of manuscripts and typescripts and later printings in Hemingway’s lifetime. Correcting numerous errors, restoring key changes made to his original punctuation and reinstating references to real people removed by his editor Maxwell Perkins for fear of libel or scandal, Library of America’s authoritative text brings us closer to the novel as Hemingway envisioned it.