Accordions Around the World

Wednesday, August 14, 5:30pm–7:30pm

Experience the wide range of this often overlooked and little-known instrument in an intimate performance setting. Choose to wander the park to explore different musical stylings or set up a picnic and the artists will rotate around the audience.

Check out the Picnic Performances page to see the full summer lineup and plan your visit!


Erica Mancini- Polka
John Nolan- Traditional Irish 
Alan Morrow- Waltzes + Blues
John Sherman- Cajun
Maestro Tito Castro- Bandoneón: Argentine Tango
Sadys Rodrigo Espitia- Colombian
Felipe Hostins- Brazilian
Ellen Lindstrom "The Swedish Meatball"- Swedish Scandinavian 
T-Klez-bKlezmer and Eastern European Jewish 
Rachelle Garniez
Papa Joe De Clemente- Italian 
Elana Low- Harmonium

Part of the Accordions Around The World program.