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A woman wears jewelry from Selen.

Located in Long Island City, NY, Selen Design is a boutique jewelry and accessories company that specializes in pewter and bronze statement pieces, and has proudly been in business since 2002. Their designs are often characterized by bold, distinctive and artisanal elegance.

Throughout their ever-expanding collection lies the spirit of ancient metalsmiths, who hammered and tempered their work by fire into soulful masterpieces. While still passionately creating with our signature antiqued contemporary pewter, we continue to blossom and evolve by exploring new materials and accessory styles that are fresh and lively, keeping us at the forefront of design.

The artist Selen Bayrak's work can be found in museum shops and fine boutiques around the country, as well as internationally. Additionally, Selen has designed many custom pieces for non-profit groups and special occasions. In 2009, Unifem, the women’s chapter of the United Nations, commissioned Selen to design a lapel pin that is still currently worn by its members.

Find Selen at #N40