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Dedication Plaque Refreshed

September 12, 2018

Located at the western edge of the Lawn, the Bryant Park Dedication plaque serves two important purposes. Firstly, to memorialize the movers and shakers who made possible the four-year renovation, concluded in 1992, that launched 26 years (thus far) of success for the park. Secondly, it’s an attractive cap to the escape-hatch doors for the New York Public Library stacks that lie underneath the Lawn.

We like to keep the plaque looking fresh, so we re-apply the graphics every few years. Our vendor prints the names and titles on a robust color-fast vinyl, overlays it with a tread-safe laminate, then wraps the vinyl around two long panels. 

We just completed a refinishing, and it looks great. Next time you are near the Fountain Terrace, take a look. Not only will you learn more about an important moment in New York City’s turn-around, you might also take a moment to contemplate the combined learning and wisdom contained in those millions of books beneath the plaque.