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Film & Photography

Film & Photography

If interested in filming or having your photo shoot in Bryant Park, complete our film & photo application and provide a site map to indicate the exact location in the park where you wish to shoot.

Completed applications should be emailed to

Sutton Foster stands in Bryant Park during a Younger TV shoot.
Just Jared
Filming Locations

A Bryant Park permit is required for shooting throughout the park, including stairs, entrances, sidewalks surrounding the park (Fifth Avenue, Sixth Avenue, 42nd Street, and 40th Street), and the terrace in front of the New York Public Library. Permission from the New York Public Library is necessary if the building facade, marble steps, or lions are included in a shot.

Please see the spring/summer layout, from April to October.

In the fall, Bryant Park transforms into the Bank of America Winter Village from late October to early March. Please see the fall/winter layout.


Most shoots will be required to pay a site fee. Bryant Park receives no city money and is funded entirely by earned funds. A large part of this revenue comes from fees charged to those who wish to use park space for their own profitable, promotional, or exclusive use. All site fees are used to maintain and improve the park’s beauty and functionality.

Site fee criteria
  • Type of shoot (editorial, commercial, etc.) 
  • Duration of shoot 
  • Crew size 
  • Amount of equipment and complexity of setup 
  • Location and amount of space used within the park 
  • Wedding photography is free, but still requires a permit 

General production guidelines

  • Neither people nor equipment are allowed in the flower beds at any time 
  • BPC must have advance notice of all electrical needs. Generators are not allowed in the park. We have multiple locations throughout the park to tie-in for all electrical needs. 
  • If you plan to conduct interviews of park visitors, BPC must pre-approve interview questions. 
  • BPC must pre-approve the script for scenes to be shot on park grounds. 
  • All fees, insurance certificates, city permits, and final permit application must be received before permission to film will be granted.