Ethan Lercher

Director of Public Events

Ethan has lived in Bishopston, Wales, San Francisco, a tent, and in upstate New York. He has traveled throughout the United States, Canada, New Zealand, eastern Australia, and on and off his bicycle. As a youth, he ran a pet and house-sitting business, and worked in almost every food service position in several restaurants during his high school and college years. The top telephone solicitor during a summer job, Ethan has also served as a temporary box office manager, fill-in theater dresser, museum Acousti-Guide docent, pub bouncer, text book binder, bike shop manager, fruit and vegetable purveyor, short-order cook, advertising assistant account executive, experimental farm bean counter, and jazz band manager.

Ethan has studied with Helen Foley, Rod Serling's drama teacher, filmmaker Larry Gottheim, poet A.R. Ammons, psychologist and filmmaker Jim Maas, and astronomer Yervant Terzian. While completing a bachelor degree at Cornell University, he became a liaison with the university administration for several student organizations, and was constantly involved in planning small and large scale performing and visual arts events, community-bridging activities, and new student orientation.

During study for the MBA in Marketing and Arts Administration at Binghamton University, Ethan was director of the campus film society, producing series of independent American, foreign, classic, and avant garde films. After an internship with the Binghamton Summer Music Festival, he was offered to work as director of marketing, and eventually became executive director. While at the Festival, he forged a reputation for developing diverse classical, pop, dance, jazz, community, and children's programs, as well as creating strong relationships among county arts organizations, university departments, and municipal administrations. And he was part of the committee that launched the award-winning First Night celebration in Binghamton in 1996.

New York City, its many peoples, arts, surprises and moods, as well as the great events, parks, restaurants, neighborhoods, markets, bakeries, and thrift shops, has become an important part of Ethan's daily life since relocating in 1999 to work with Bryant Park and 34th Street.