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25 Years of Bryant Park

February 24, 2017

For younger New Yorkers, Bryant Park has never been anything but the beautiful, spotless, thriving center of activity that it is today. That wasn’t always the case; the park was once a crime-ridden eyesore that most pedestrians avoided. The turnaround began in 1980 with the founding of Bryant Park Corporation, which immediately embarked on a program to repair the park’s capital and design issues, institute sanitation and security services, and add varied and interesting programming.

It was in 1988 that a master plan to renovate the park was implemented, closing it to the public for four years. When we reopened on April 22, 1992, the effect on New York was immediate and profound. Bryant Park was a smashing success, and it has only gotten better, and more popular, every year since. That was 25 years ago, and as we approach the anniversary date, we’ll look back at some of the events and decisions that have made Bryant Park the very symbol of NYC’s renaissance.

Keep an eye on MidCity News and for more information on how we’ll be commemorating our silver anniversary. You can also take a free public tour for more details on how Bryant Park became the public space it is today.