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Granny’s Folly at Le Carrousel

February 21, 2018

Le Carrousel at Bryant Park enjoyed another year of record attendance in 2017 and is off to a great start this year. The custom-built carousel features 14 delightful animals for riders to choose from, including 10 horses, a deer, a rabbit, a frog (Flaubert), and a cat (Cali Co). What riders might not know, is that one of the horses leads the team, and has acquired some fame of its own.

Granny’s Folly is named for a heroic mounted police steed who died in 1992 after being struck by a livery cab driver. The giant bay Hanoverian took his name from one of his riders, Sargent Granville Waterman, and gained fame for thwarting a purse snatcher by stepping on his foot outside Madison Square garden at a Michael Jackson concert.

When we commissioned Marvin Sylvor’s Fabricon Carousel Company of Brooklyn to custom-build a carousel for Bryant Park, we did some research and found the story of Granny’s Folly. When he asked for permission, NYPD was happy to agree on the naming.

In 2009, all the animals were refurbished by Montclair artist Andrew Tedesco, and Granny’s Folly was the last to receive the treatment. This captured the attention of the Jennifer Lee of the New York Times.  

Remember, a ride on Manhattan’s most charming carousel only costs $4, and you can buy a 10-ride card for only $30.