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The 7 Public Restrooms in New York You HAVE to See

August 18, 2017

Alex Meier

Thursday, August 13, 2015 

Public restrooms are all too commonly associated with questionable smells and insufficient amounts of sandpapery toilet paper. Get ready for Bryant Park's toilets to flush these preconceived notions down the drain. Setting the "gold standard," as former parks commissioner Adrain Benepe has noted, Bryant Park's public restrooms were named No. 1 in the world by Virtual Tourist in 2011.

Bryant Park's latrines treat New Yorkers and tourists to fresh flowers, classical music, coffered ceilings and tiled walls. The toilet contains self-changing paper covers that refresh after each use, and to set the bar even higher, a full-time attendant stationed by the sinks ensures that all surfaces are left spotless.