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Charlie Judkins

June 23, 2022 at 12:30 pm

New York City’s finest ragtime, stride, and jazz pianists perform weekdays on the Upper Terrace. Find the full schedule here.

Charlie Judkins

Ragtime, Protégé of Bryant Park’s Terry Waldo

“Charlie Judkins is the best performer of classic ragtime in the country!” - Terry Waldo, Ragtime Connoisseur

Charlie Judkins (b. 1991) is a practitioner of Ragtime, Jazz and Blues piano, as well as a lifelong Brooklyn native. He began playing piano in 1997 at age six. In 2007, he was introduced to the music of Jelly Roll Morton and immediately began studying traditional ragtime and blues piano. Shortly thereafter he came under the informal tutelage of Terry Waldo and several other highly-regarded pianists. He is currently studying classical piano technique and theory under Jeff Goldstein. His piano playing has been in demand at various public and private events in the New York City area since debuting as a professional bar-room pianist in the Summer of 2010. Currently he works most often with singer and multi-instrumentalist Lauren Sansaricq (Miss Maybell) as a duo and in various trio combinations. 

Thank you for the music!

Many thanks to Sam Ash Music Stores for their support through the years.

Pianist Frank Owens sits at the piano in Bryant Park NYC with a crowd of listeners.