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Boozie & Co

Black and white clutch from Boozie & Co at Bryant Park's Holiday Shops in NYC.

Find small batch luxurious and handmade leather handbags and accessories at Boozie & Co at #W13

Brandon, Boozie and Co's founder, spends his time between Mexico and the US, traveling, surfing, creating and selling bags using the finest of materials and leathers. Boozie & Co. spends a lot of time with local suppliers sourcing the best leather. Every skin is unique, with its own pattern and color and every bag is handmade by our team of artisans, assembled and stitched with love. Our bags come in pure leather, cowhide, canvas, snakeskin, alligator and ostrich.

Their designs and styles are inspired by traditional Mexican culture and the hard-working people of Guanajuato, Mexico (where their shop is located) who have been making leather their entire lives. Boozie & Co believes in making products that will last a lifetime (and more) and that will be passed down for generations.