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Flutter by Katie

Framed portrait of butterflies.

After years of accidentally killing houseplants, I approached the idea of using nature to decorate my home from a different angle. I now make romantic and lasting butterfly centerpieces, and each butterfly display is a conversation piece. My sculptures explore the contrast between strength and fragility in the use of natural elements, found objects, and butterflies to create beautiful and lasting tableaux of an otherwise fleeting moment.

Each work is handmade by me! My butterfly objects d’art are a perfect balance of enduring delicacy - a wonderful expression of all the ephemeral moments that, if we could just press “pause,” we could really cherish. My hope is that each of my centerpieces captures such a moment in time.

*Rest easy, I don’t kill butterflies!*
All specimens come to me after they have died naturally from farms and butterfly sanctuaries all over the world. I feel very lucky to be able to create and disseminate a new form of art that combines my love of art with my love of the environment.

Find Flutter by Katie at N51.