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Enjoy this French game of boules
Man throws a boule on the petanque court at Bryant Park NYC.

Pétanque is a French game of “boules” (balls), where each player strives to throw metal balls as close as possible to a smaller wooden ball, named the “cochonnet”. Game strategies include “pointing,” when a player throws his ball to have it roll as close to the cochonnet as possible, and “shooting,” when a player aims for the ball of an opponent hoping to move him out of a favorable spot.

Remember: it's not bocce! We play Pétanque!


Petanque is open for the 2023 season! 

Pétanque games are staged on the gravel area along Sixth Avenue just north of the 41st Street entrance. Tournaments are played on the gravel paths around the Bryant Park lawn.


Needed: A good set (3) of Pétanque balls, a wooden “jack” (target ball), and a rigid playing circle. Equipment is provided.

Most boules players believe that the game is easy to learn, but difficult to master. The below tutorial will get you started playing pétanque. ​From that point on you can enjoy learning by doing in the park!

View more on how to play here!

How to play
host a party at pétanque

Arrange an office tournament for team spirit, or celebrate a birthday party with a French twist. The Pétanque courts are available for party rentals and special events. Instruction and other add-ons can be arranged. It’s a taste of Paris in the park!

If you need more information, or have special requests for your party, email us!

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