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Accordions Around the World

A global journey of music on the lawn
Angelito Jusay
August 28, 2023, 5:30pm–7:30pm

Each day of Accordions Around the World, 15 different artists demonstrate the range of an often overlooked instrument. Wander the park and explore different musical stylings, or set up a picnic and enjoy rotating artists. 

5:30pm - 6:10pm

Smörgåsbandet, Scandinavian Music (Station 1)
Cordeone, World-Infused Jazz (Station 2)
Shoko Nagai with Satoshi Takeishi, Japanese Folk + Middle Eastern Music (Station 3)
Melissa Elledge, Covers + Standards (Station 4)
Jody Kruskal, Concertina: Old American (Station 5)

6:10pm - 6:50pm

John Sherman and Tim Spelios, Cajun, Appalachian + Blues (Station 1)
Sadys Rodrigo Espitia with Phil Passantino and Hugo Lascarro, Colombian Cumbia + Vallenato (Station 2)
Ismail Butera with Natalia Perlaza, Music of the Mediterranean (Station 3)
Guillermo Vaisman, Chamamé, Coastal Argentine Folk Music (Station 4)
Erica Mancini, Americana, Folk + Jazz (Station 4)

6:50pm- 7:30pm

Edu Carvalho, Brazilian Forró (Station 1)
Death Sneeze, Avant Punk (Station 2)
Maestro Tito Castro, Bandoneón: Argentine Tango (Station 3)
Christina Crowder, Klezmer & Moldavian Folk Music (Station 4)
TBA, (Station 5)

Wander the park, or set up a picnic and enjoy rotating artists.

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