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Edge Class

$25 per class | Registration now open!
February 13, 2024, 6:30am–7:45am

In Edge Class, taught by Ice Theatre of New York,  skaters gain a repertory of exercises designed to develop skills necessary for accomplishing the athletic elements of skating. These exercises help create the freedom of ice movement essential to style. The classes focuses in-depth on these basics:
•    Grounded knee bend (Plié)
•    Dynamic placement of the free leg
•    Twisting and the use of the arms to shape space
•    Full use of the eyes for balance and style

Through full and proper use of the body, skaters come in contact with their basic strengths and ultimately discover their own unique ice personalities.

2023 Season Schedule

Tuesdays, October 31 - February 27
6:30am - 7:45am


Edge Class is intended for advanced skaters hoping to master their skills.

A ticket includes 75 minutes of ice time and instruction by Ice Theatre of New York.