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Vinyl Nights

Vinyl Dance Parties Celebrating "Everything New York!"
Colin Miller

Dance the night away at The Lodge as DJs spin classic mixes of disco, hip-hop, funk and more - ALL on VINYL. The party continues on the blue rink deck and on ice, too.

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January 16 and January 30, 2024

Find Vinyl Nights at The Lodge bar + food hall on the northeast corner of The Rink.

About Vinyl Nights

Experience what it was like to party in NYC in the early 70s, 80s & 90s when DJ's played strictly vinyl. Dance to the hits that shaped NYC club culture: disco, funk & soul, house, boogie, latin, and 80's & 90's hip-hop. Spun off from the legendary Mobile Mondays! all 45s night, Vinyl Nights is a vibrant, joyful, inclusive dance party & a celebration of "Everything New York" presented by Rebecca Lynn.

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